Choose one of the most highly respected valuing firms in Australia.


AVG Valuers is a conglomerate of valuation firms that was originally set up in Sydney in 1993 as an independent property valuation and advisory. AVG Valuers is actively engaged in all types of real estate and business valuation services and advice to both individuals and corporations. The firm is also accredited with various government and lending organisations in Australia as an independent valuer and authority on property and business valuation matters.

AVG Valuers has become one of the most highly respected firms of its kind due to the quality of its service and its impeccable and unblemished record over many years.

AVG conducts valuations for a variety of purposes including:

▪ General advice
▪ Capital gains tax
▪ Mortgage lending
▪ Stamp duty
▪ Rental review
▪ Family law
▪ Pre sale and pre purchase
▪ Probate
▪ Court litigation
▪ Super fund audits

AVG Valuers has independent and certified valuers across Sydney and NSW – from the North Shore to Penrith, from Gosford to Newcastle, from Sydney to Wollongong and Liverpool to Moss Vale.

AVG Valuers is guaranteed to have a local valuer in your area.

Call AVG Valuers today for a chat on our toll free number – 1300 428 258 or visit our Facebook page to get the latest tips and advice about the market from our in-house experts plus find out how to receive a discount on your next valuation (new customers only).